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Hi I'm an Airbrush Artist based in the Oasis in Birmingham City Centre . I'm doing an offer at moment to all tattoo artists and studios. I'm offering a custom made T-Shirts with your tattoo studio with your name on it and designed by me for a good price.

If you are interested in ordering a design please contact me.

If you want to stand out from the rest and have something that know one else has got then my clothing and my art is for you !!!  So click on shop and treat your self or some one you love in any size you want.
You can now order and Design your own T shirts on this site.  Ideal for Stag and Hen nights or bulk order.
T Shirts are selling fast so if you like one treat your self and buy it because every one is a one off so it wont be done again.

Opening Times
MondayClosed      If there is any T-Shirts you like I can put a
Name on it for you free off charge.
Tuesday to Friday 10am-4pm