Tattoo I had had today was amazing Iv see nothing like it and and ur fast lol . Thanks again x

U are amazing . Ur ur name is gonna be known around the world . Iv never seen art so deep eneywere . It's not like eney other art Iv seen. Ur t shirt are art not just t shirts .

So wish I could come and look at all ur work in ur shop. I'd been there all day lol . Ur work is wicked . 3 t shirts I ordered came like it said on site that came in 5 days . All three t shirts sold in 2 days

Danny loved the t shirt ur work is amazing. Ordered the t shirt on line came within 3 day as promised . Got to say cheers again loved it

Thanks for signing my top today you're awesome !!! and still loving the art work xD xx

Ordered t shut of site . Received with no problems . Ur style is amazin man . U need to come and work over here . All my mate are goin crazy over it work dude lol . Cheer Danny !

Tony Patric
Danny, thanks for SprayPainting my HIPPY BUDDY shop sign, and giving HIPPY BUDDY a great look CHEERS TONY

Yet again Danny you had me speechless, your design on canvas was amazing! it gives me a smile

hi there if i had a tshirt done by yorself could i buy the art work and have it put on a disc or usb stick dont worrie about replying say as it is lol thanks

The work you did for my collection was amaze! Thank u sooo much. All the best xx

One word...WOW...dannys work is out of this world,I'm hooked,had over 10 tshirts now,and I'm blown away wit every one of them,all unique,and one of a kind,simply awesome.

My boyfriend can't get enuf of dannys shirts,I must say I love them 2,the artwork is just so different 2 any other shirts out there.

Hi, do you do tracksuits?... Kids have a street dance competition and wanted something different :)

hi seen ur work at tattoo jam was overwhelmed by ur talent. tshirt i bought is amazin. love ur work

Dark Art Airbrushin is run by one of the world's top airbrush artists, Danny Bowen.

Danny will paint ANYTHING for you from t-shirts to Playstations, trainers to socks!  You name it, if it stops still long enough, he'll paint it!  Why not drop him a line, give him a call or even pop in to the shop and have a chat in the old fashioned way - Face to face!

if you would like to book me for you event . please email or call me .